Greencrop Irrigation is an existing customer of ours producing irrigation equipment for the agricultural industry, were receiving more and more enquiries from their customers who wanted to be able to transport fuel to their equipment in the field, rather than have to bring the equipment back to the depot for refuelling. Although other companies offered road going fuel bowsers, Greencrop decided that this was an area where they could expand their business as if they were able to offer their own model, it would complement their product range ideally. They therefore asked us to come up with a design for them which would not only be functional and affordable, but would also satisfy the legal requirements for such a product and preferably look the part as well!

After conducting our own research (such as visiting agricultural shows and much web surfing etc!) and by working with our customer, we were able to see what was already available on the marketplace and to find out exactly what was required for compliance with the ADR “Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road Regulations”. As our area of expertise is in the actual manufacture of steel fabrications such as this, we were able to look at the design with a view to the most cost effective solution by way of the most efficient use of material and the most practical method of construction. Also, our 3D Cad software also enabled us to see exactly how the design would look, and allowed us to produce a “virtual” model of it. We consequently developed a solution we felt would tick all the right boxes for our customer and also satisfy all the necessary requirements for the legal regulations.

When we showed Greencrop our idea, they were not only pleased with the way it looked and the design features, but were also very happy with the way we had approached it from a cost and manufacturing point of view. Before we could begin manufacturing the product for sale, we first had to achieve ADR accreditation; we therefore produced a prototype of the fuel bowser which was submitted for stringent testing to ensure it satisfied the legal requirements. This testing process involved the tank being dropped from a height of 2 metres, being pressure tested with air and being hydraulically pressure tested to high levels, whilst maintaining its structural integrity. It passed all tests with flying colours and Greencrop were then able to launch the newest product in their range! We have now been producing the Bunded Fuel Bowser since the middle of 2008, and it has proved to be a great success.