Chaucer Technology School in Canterbury contacted us as they needed a safe access for one of their buildings. Their old water tank was being replaced and they needed a safe means of access to it. The tank was situated at about 12 feet high from the ground above the boiler room.

It was then decided to fabricate a galvanised staircase to go on the concrete roof of the boiler room building.

After our design was accepted by Chaucer School, we started to fabricate the different parts of the staircase. We knew we were limited by the restricted access within the school premises and also by the small working area on top of the roof so we would have to assemble the parts together in situ. We were also restricted with the timescale because of the school schedule and health and safety regulations.

On the scheduled installation day, we faced another challenge: the weather! It was pouring with rain but we still had to go along. The staircase parts were then brought up on the roof of the boiler room and assembled together. The whole process took half a day.