From time to time we are approached to do some projects that differ from our usual type of work. This is exactly what happened back in February when the owner of a very unusual car contacted us to have some work done on his vehicle. We certainly couldn’t refuse when we learned that the car was the official replica of the Delorean Time Machine from the movie: Back to the Future!

This Delorean Time Machine comes straight from the original Hollywood movie sets after being used by Universal Studios Hollywood as the 25th Anniversary Delorean Time Machine and was as well documented on the Blu-ray release of the film trilogy. The car also appeared on several TV shows like Britain’s Got Talent and Keith Lemon’s show on ITV.

You can imagine how excited we all were at Major Fabrications when the car turned up at our workshop. Everybody wanted to get in the car and look closely at all the incredible gear inside.

Although the work needed was in a way relatively straightforward (redo the stainless outside tubes as well as work and redo some panels), we had great fun working on this project and will do it again if required.

Have you got an unusual project? Contact us; we would love to hear about it.