Metal Fabrication

At Major Fabrications, we pride ourselves in providing the very best welding fabrication service, employing our highly-developed skills and expertise as metal fabricators to create high-quality bespoke projects.

Our dedicated team in Kent has the experience and know-how to meet any challenge, ranging from small items like brackets to large-scale projects such as conveyor assemblies.

What We Offer:

Stainless Steel Fabrication – We specialise in Stainless Steel and sheet metal fabrication, using the latest CNC Laser and 8-axis CNC Brake Press. These allow us to cut and fold metalwork with speed and accuracy.

Specialty Welding – We offer MIG, TIG and MMA (Arc) welding, ranging from 0.8mm up to 25 mm in mild steel and up to 12 mm in stainless steel.

Finishing – We provide an extensive range of finishing options to give an aesthetic, well-performing finished piece, including painting, plating, galvanising, powder coating, and stove enamelling.

Complimentary services – We offer complimentary services to our clients which include folding, cutting, and finishing.


Our key strength is flexibility. Whether you want just a few items fabricated or thousands, we will make exactly what you need within the time scales you demand, at an extremely competitive price.

We design most things based on customer specification. Below are just a few examples of items we regularly fabricate:

    • Small brackets and plates
    • Beautiful, unique gates and railings
    • Fencing
    • Discontinued production parts
    • Shot blasting cabinets
    • Dust collectors
    • Hydraulic tanks
    • Auto chassis, cabs and fuel tanks
    • Acoustic enclosures
    • Equipment components
    • Street furniture
    • Generator frame bases
    • Leisure park furniture (roundabouts, youth shelters, skate ramps…)

Our Kent-based service is tailored to be completely bespoke, so whatever you can imagine, we will find a way to turn your idea into reality. To find out more, you can view examples of our method, projects and more on our Case Studies blog.

We would be delighted to discuss your specific requirements and share with you the benefits of our experience, so please feel free to contact us today. We believe you will quickly see what a difference it makes having Major Fabrications helping to create your bespoke project.